Luton Meadow Movement

Luton Meadow Movement

by Toma Habashi, 5th July 2019

Well done Luton Borough Council for joining in and taking on board the long-running campaign by Plantlife, known as the ‘Meadow Movement.’ The organisation have been advising local authorities since 2013 about letting roadside verges grow rather than neatly mowing the grass.

Plantlife said a “cut less, cut later” approach by councils and highways authorities could significantly improve the health of the UK’s verges, which they say will help save money and boost credentials.

It said: “We want flowers to be allowed to flower so pollinators can work their magic and seeds can ripen and fall to the ground. In this way, the floral display will become better and better every year.”

We first spotted the lovely verges as they started to bloom along the A505, Stopsley Way & Hitchin Road and love seeing the beautiful flowers on our way in and out of work! What a lovely sight and a great idea! We hope to see a lot more of this in years to come.

Looking back, we did see this on roundabouts last year and perhaps even the year before, but this year, the verges came to life out of nowhere and are really lovely to see!


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