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Google Chrome starts warning web users HTTP sites are not secure.

Google Chrome starts warning web users HTTP sites are not secure.

by Toma Habashi, 27th July 2018

Chrome 68 has started marking pages not using HTTPS URL’s as not secure. We knew this was coming and we’ve made sure to keep reminding everyone to get websites updated with an SSL certificate and the green padlock to avoid losing potential visitors and customers to your site.

Whilst it’s not the end of the world, when your browser warns you a site you’re above to view is not secure, it puts people off. The long and short of it is, websites will lose traffic, enquiries and orders as a result.

Google started this on the 24th July on Chrome 68, which most users will already be on or will be once they update/upgrade their browser next.

You can read more about this directly on the google blog here: https://www.blog.google/products/chrome/milestone-chrome-security-marking-http-not-secure/

If you haven’t yet got in touch to get you site secured, contact us now and we’ll help get the process started and your site up to date.

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