Branded Promo Merch


Branded give-aways and promotional merchandise are a great way to promote your company, goods and services. The trick is to find the most relevant and useful products that your clients and prospects will actually use. We all have random promotional goodies that find their way to the back of our drawers and never see the light of day thereafter! How many of us have USB sticks lying around that have never been used or brollies that broke on first use? Well they weren’t from Silvertoad! We’re here to help and advise you, not just fulfil your order and it’s all part of the service.

We offer the complete range of printed promotional merchandise and we work hard to help you chose the right product and ensure it will have maximum impact and return on your investment.

Whether it’s T-Shirts, brollies, USB sticks, mugs or coasters, the list of products we offer is endless. How about some personalised wallpaper? Or carpet? Maybe a PowerBank for mobiles or tablets, welcome mats for your reception or just some lanyards? If it exists, we can personalise and brand it for you.

Please get in touch with your idea or requirements and we’ll help you through the whole process and ensure you get what you need, not just what’s available. Best of all, you can rely on us to offer our usually competitive prices and fast turnaround too!

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